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Year 2000

WinStock and WinStock Pro are the premier internet-based stock market tracking programs for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

wpe12.jpg (2237 bytes)We now accept credit cards for registration payment.  Click here to register via Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

wpe12.jpg (2237 bytes)WinStock 1.19.0 and WinStock Pro 2.6.0 are now available as free upgrades to current users.  New features include News Alerts (WinStock Pro only), more quote servers and FREE Real-Time Quotes!  News Alerts allow you to have WinStock Pro alert you when new News is available for your selected securities.

WinStock is our basic product.  It provides automatic quote retrieval, export to Quicken, ticker bar, portfolio display, printed reports, news retrieval, market indices and more.  Detailed product sheet available.
WinStock Pro
WinStock Pro is our advanced product.  In addition to all the features of WinStock, it adds: multiple portfolios, automatic dialup, e-mail and paging, audible alarms, flexible export and more.  Detailed product sheet available.

Comparison of Features


WinStock WinStock
Automatic stock quote retrieval check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Free delayed quotes check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Real-time quotes with paid subscription from quote vendor check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Portfolio management check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Ticker Toolbar check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Printed reports check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Automatic Quicken Export and Import check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
14 different quote servers, including market index quotes, options, commodities, foreign exchanges check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Historical graphs at a single mouse-click check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Business news for securities at a single mouse-click check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
Fast, multi-threaded operation check.gif (121 bytes) check.gif (121 bytes)
News Alerts   check.gif (121 bytes)
Enhanced Portfolio Management including multiple portfolios, commissions, cash and automatic currency conversion   check.gif (121 bytes)
Automatic foreign currency conversions   check.gif (121 bytes)
Intra-day graphs   check.gif (121 bytes)
Enhanced Alarms and Indicators including % Change, Profit/Loss, Volume   check.gif (121 bytes)
E-Mail and Pager support including alarms and quote updates   check.gif (121 bytes)
Enhanced Import/Export of intra-day quotes, end-of-day quotes   check.gif (121 bytes)
Export to popular formats including Metastock, QuoteLine and Prodigy QuoteTrack   check.gif (121 bytes)
Custom file export in any format for spreadsheets or database programs   check.gif (121 bytes)
Enhanced Browsing with more data sources for graphs and news   check.gif (121 bytes)
Built-in support for EDGAR   check.gif (121 bytes)

Our Mission

WinStock was the first full-featured internet-based stock ticker on the web.  We are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for stock market and portfolio tracking.  Our goal to provide the most full-featured, easiest-to-use software available.

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