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WinStock Software's Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure.

Note: In the following discussion, all references to WinStock should be taken to apply equally to WinStock Pro, unless otherwise noted.  These remarks apply to WinStock 1.17.1 (and subsequent releases) and WinStock Pro 2.3.1 (and subsequent releases).  WinStock Software does not support earlier releases of its software - we provide free upgrades to the latest release and support those versions only.   Therefore, we make no commitment as to the functioning of earlier releases of WinStock and WinStock Pro as to Year 2000 compliance.

WinStock has several issues relating to the Year 2000.  These issues are all due to the face that WinStock interacts with other programs and web sites that are not under the control of WinStock Software.  These issues include:

Quicken automatic export.  The format of the data transferred between WinStock and Quicken using the automatic (DDE) interface includes a date containing a 2-digit year.  Auto-export has been testing with Quicken 99, US version and appears to work.  It has not been tested against earlier versions of Quicken, nor can it be tested with versions of Quicken that may be released between now and the year 2000.  As subsequent versions of Quicken are released, we will test WinStock against them.
Quote Servers.  The various quote servers used by WinStock are not under the control of WinStock software.  As with all other issues of content retrieved by these quote servers, we cannot be responsible for any erroneous information provided by quote servers, regardless of whether or not these errors are caused by Year 2000 issues or any other causes.
Other uses of dates.  Many functions of WinStock use dates entered by the user or displayed by the program.  The format of these dates is controlled by the setting in the Windows Control Panel of the machine on which WinStock Pro is running.

The following remarks apply to WinStock Pro only.

MetaStock file export.  WinStock Pro produces MetaStock files containing dates using 4-digit years.  MetaStock correctly handles these current dates.  We assume, but cannot guarantee, that MetaStock will continue to handle these dates correctly after January 1, 2000.
Quicken, QuoteLink and Prodigy Quotetrack file export.  WinStock Pro produces these files using 2-digit date fields.  It is unknown how these data files will be handled by importing programs.
Custom file export.  The format of the date used in the custom file export is controlled by the Windows Control Panel settings of the machine on which WinStock Pro is running.


Any WinStock Software statement about the year 2000 capability of any product or any other aspect of the year 2000 transition does not modify or extend any existing warranty, license, term of use, or contract. All information available from WinStock Software concerning the transition to the year 2000 is provided for the sole purpose of assisting our customers in their preparations for the year 2000. Because WinStock Software regularly updates this information, check this site often. Do not forward this information to anyone else, but instead give them the address for this site and ask them to check here for the most current information.

The information here is designated a "Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure" pursuant to the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, Public Law 105-271.




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