WinStock is our basic product.  It provides automatic quote retrieval, export to Quicken, ticker bar, portfolio display, printed reports, news retrieval, market indices and more.

Key Features

Automatic stock quote retrieval
WinStock can update your quotes as often as you like.
Free delayed quotes
No subscription fees for most quote servers.  No subscription fees to use WinStock at all.
Real-time quotes with paid subscription from quote vendor
Support for PC Quote's Market-Smart Realtime server.  More to be added.
Portfolio management
Provides an instant snapshot of your portfolio value.  Know from moment-to-moment how much you've made or lost.
A Ticker Toolbar
Familiar scrolling ticker-tape display can be placed at the top or bottom of your desktop.   Includes color coding for alarms.
Printed reports
Includes current quotes, news, charts, portfolio summary and portfolio detail.
Fully automatic Quicken Export and Import.
Unlink competing products, no intermediate file is needed!  Simply click one command and WinStock does the rest: it launches Quicken (if needed), updates your portfolio and prices and (optionally) shuts down Quicken.
Support for 18 different quote servers,
including market index quotes, options, commodities, foreign exchanges and more.
Historical graphs at a single mouse-click.
Business news for securities at a single mouse-click.
Multi-threaded operation
Allows WinStock to conduct up to 20 simultaneous "conversations" with quote servers. On a fast Internet connection, hundreds of quotes can be fetched in less than a minute! On dialup connections, the speed is limited by your modem.

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Sample desktop showing WinStock's main window and the Ticker Toolbar.

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