WinStock and WinStock Pro are shareware programs.  They are distributed free of charge and may be used for a 30-day trial period.  At the end of 30 days, each program will cease to function.  Please note: if you intend to register, please allow time for the postal system to get your registration to us.

The cost to register is:

Single-User license for WinStock version 1.x US $20.00
Single-User license for WinStock Pro version 2.x US $30.00
Upgrade from WinStock version 1.x to WinStock Pro 2.x US $10.00

Upon registration, you will receive a registration key via return e-mail or post.

E-mail is our preferred method to send your registration key and will be used provided a valid e-mail address accompanies your order.  Otherwise, we will send your key via post.

If you want to register using your credit card (via PayPal), click here.   Otherwise, follow these instructions:

The easiest way to register is right from within WinStock or WinStock Pro.  When the program starts, simply click the button labeled How do I get a registration key... and follow the directions.  You can also click Help | Registering WinStock from within the program.

International customers:

If you are registering WinStock Pro, please follow the instructions given by the program for remitting the correct amount in the correct currency.

If you are registering WinStock, please follow these instructions:

Canadian Customers:

You may:

Remit a check drawn on your own bank for the registration amount, indicated as US $20.00
Send US$ 20.00 in US currency.
Write a check for the equivalent of US $21.40.  The extra 7% is to cover the cost of converting back to US $ at our bank.


Other Non-US Customers:

You either:

Remit a check for US $20.00, drawn on a US bank.
Send US$ 20.00 in US currency.
Remit a check in your local currency, drawn on your local bank.  Please add 7% to cover the cost of converting back to US $ at our bank.

Do not send a check drawn on a non-US bank for an amount in US $. We will not be able to cash it.

Send your registration to:

6754 SW Ashdale Drive
Portland,  OR  97223

Please be sure to include:


Your full name

Your e-mail address

Your postal address

Your phone number




Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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